Who should purchase these books?


  • These are graded worksheet-based activity books for students of grades 1 to 8 which help the students understand Sustainable Development Goals in a child-friendly language. The complexity of learning grows from grade 1 to 8, starting from basic understanding in grade 1 to students becoming innovators and solution providers by grade 8. Moreover, they impart happiness, value education, social-emotional learning, and make students responsible global citizens.
  • These student handbooks can be purchased by schools or teachers for the students in their classes. For example, a teacher of grade 3 can buy 30 books for all the students in her class to help students understand the importance of SDGs through activity-based worksheets.
  • A minimum of 20 student handbooks need to be purchased in one go to cover international shipping and logistic costs.


  • The teacher will be provided with the Teaching and Learning E-material free of cost once he/she completes the purchase of student handbooks. Teacher handbooks will be emailed to the teachers. These handbooks have detailed lesson plans, suggestions for extra activities, additional resources, video links and much more.

About us

ARCedtech is a startup with the mission to make education meaningful and transformative through innovative products that will make our young learners kind, ethical and globally-responsible citizens of the world.

We are the ARC that completes the circle of learning by providing holistic education solutions. We offer 360 degree solutions towards Education for Sustainable Development.

The material we have designed on the goals includes SDG Handbooks for Students, SDG Handbooks for Educators, Digital Solutions for Students and Educators, SDG Workshops for Educators and SDG-based Projects for Students.

Be the Change Student Handbooks

Solutions for students comprise Student Handbooks for Grades 1-8 where the SDGs are introduced to students in a graded manner. These books can be easily integrated in the school curriculum and do not require separate subject slot. Subject integration and worksheet format allow seamless assimilation of the SDGs into the school calendar. Moreover, they impart happiness, value education, social-emotional learning, and make the students responsible global citizens.

There is an international consensus that ESD should be “embedded in the whole curriculum, not [taught] as a separate subject” (UNESCO). Be the Change is based on the principle that embedding and integration are necessary to the concept of education ‘for’ sustainable development, which is more impactful than education ‘about’ sustainable development.


Anahita Lee is a teacher and a trainer with over twenty-five years of experience in English Language Teaching. She has authored the Mulberry English series, GK 360° and Little Artists (published by Oxford University Press).

Our uniquely designed books for students are:

  • Graded for each class, across Grades 1 to 8
  • Child-friendly, age-appropriate
  • Ready to use with simple worksheet formats and suggestions for extension activities
  • Practical and easily doable: each worksheet fits into the time frame of a single lesson/period
  • Linked to learning across subjects
  • Art integrated
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